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The 2023-24 State Budget:
Keep the California Infrastructure Grant Program

This year the state is facing a $22.5 billion budget deficit the governor has proposed delaying or reducing previously planned spending, and “shifting costs”, but not the using the states’ substantial reserves. Coming next month on May 14th, the “May Revision” will set the stage for negotiations between the governor and legislative leaders in June over the key outlines for the budget package for 2023-2024.

Recently the California Legislature released the “Protect Our Progress” Budget Plan. The plan says it prioritizes responsible investments and actions that will build on the Governor’s proposed budget plan. It also sets out to provide over $1 billion for child care rate enhancements from redirected child care funds, federal funds, and new resources. We fully support investments in the ECE workforce, especially the rates providers are paid. We also know the need is high for ECE providers to receive funding for repairs and renovations. That’s why Build Up California has proposed and has been advocating for investing $10 Million to continue to fund the Infrastructure Grant Program. We will need your voice to join us in supporting this request [Sign here] to add your name. 

For more information you can visit the California Budget & Policy Center’s website for more information.

Below is more information and collateral used in our campaign.

$10 MM for the Child Care and Development
Infrastructure Grant Fund to continue

The 2022-23 State Budget:
The Need for Investment in Child Care and Development Infrastructure

Governor Newsom signed the California 2022-23 State Budget with historic investments for early care and education (ECE), including an additional $100.5 million (MM) for the  Child Care and Development Infrastructure Grant  Program! 

With these resources, California now has $350MM in the Program for construction, major renovation, repairs, and renovations of ECE facilities. 

Thanks to our partners in this year’s campaign for additional investments in the Infrastructure Grant program! Our thanks also go to the Governor, Senate, and Assembly members for their leadership in making this unprecedented budget allocation a reality.  We look forward to working together to ensure an equitable distribution of these grants. 

Below is more information and collateral used in our campaign.

$300 MM for the Child Care and Development Infrastructure Grant Fund

$10 MM to Support the Integration of Affordable Housing and Child Care Facilities

2021-22 STATE BUDGET – #BuildChildCare4CA Campaign

Thanks to all who got involved in the campaign!

Because of our collaborative advocacy efforts and the responsive leadership of elected officials and staff, the state is investing $250MM in the Child Care and Development Infrastructure Grant Program as part of the 2021-22 State Budget. Sourcing capital from both the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the state’s General Fund, this program will make available grants for non-LEA organizations.  These resources will support the acquisition, construction, development, and renovation of child care facilities, including center-based and family child care providers.

The campaign was implemented from January to July 2021. Use the following links to access some campaign materials:

A big thank you to our organizational partners, state legislators, and Governor Newson for making this investment a reality!

This is not the only historic state investment in ECE. If you would like to learn more about ECE components of the 2021-22 State Budget, click on the links below for information presented by Kristin Schumacher, Senior Policy Analyst at California Budget and Policy Center, at our end of campaign celebration:


About Our Advocacy Efforts

As part of our mission, we connect and strengthen communities’ voices for quality and equity in child care infrastructure.

We collaborate with various advocacy groups as part of state and national alliances, such as the ECE Coalition and the National Children’s Facility Network.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Meeting with Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry