Riverside County Early Care and Education Facility Pipeline Map

Using the Map

Click on the options on the menu available on the left of the map to show the following:
Legend: Displays color-coded icons for ECE facility types
Details: Project background and summary
Layers: The map is comprised of various layers to show a wide-range of available information Layers may be toggled on or off depending on the information needed to be displayed. Info: Information available for specific ECE sites.

Basic Features

The map features several layers that allows users to search for ECE providers  throughout Riverside County by type and location as well as many other factors including geographic, population, and licensing data.

The first layer of the map displays ECE providers  color-coded by type, which include:

  • Family Child Care Home
  • Child Care Center
  • School Age Child Care Center
  • Infant Center
  • Child Care Center – ILL Center

Clicking on individual sites pulls up additional information including licensed capacity and contact information. Family Child Care Home Providers who serve 8 children or less are not shown in the first layer as address-level is not publicly available for these facilities. However, they are listed in an additional layer that shows zip code data only and not specific addresses. 

Advanced Features

Most of the analysis in the mapping tool comes through  the Zip Code Analysis function, which can be toggled on and off using the layer option.

In this layer, users can view individual zip codes as well as demographic and ECE data for geographic areas. Additionally, users can compare data for the whole county or across various zip codes.

Lastly, users can interact with affordable housing data, various county and city boundaries, and environmental indicators to further assess the ECE suppl and pipelines. These features are especially beneficial to development partners and county departments in streamlining ECE facility projects.

For a dictionary of key terms, a comprehensive guide to all metrics available in the map as well as additional instructions in how to access them, please reference the accompanying document:


For questions about the map or the Build Up Riverside initiative, please contact:

First 5 Riverside County 
For Quality Early Learning: Carol Abella, Regional Manager, at [email protected]

Low Income Investment Fund
Andrea Del Valle, Riverside County ECE Pipeline Coordinator, at [email protected].