About Us

Build Up CA is a statewide network dedicated to the equitable expansion, improvement, and sustainability of early learning and care facilities.

Our Mission

Build Up California is a statewide network dedicated to the equitable expansion, improvement, and sustainability of early learning and care facilities.

Our members increase supply and help improve the quality of early learning and care by advocating for policy change and providing technical assistance and financing to address capital needs.

Build Up California’s purpose is to:

  • Promote information sharing on early learning and care facilities issues, including  technical assistance and capacity building;
  • Recommend legislation and regulations changes to increase access to high-quality ECE facilities; and
  • Develop and support various financing strategies, initiatives, and programs.


The History

Launched in 2020, Build Up California brings together local and state leaders in early care and education (ECE), housing, planning, community development, local government, K-12 education, business, and philanthropy to address the ECE facilities crisis.

Established 2020 by a group of Early Care and Education (ECE) leaders, Build Up California was created to reinvigorate statewide pre-Great Recession collaborative efforts to address ECE facility needs.  The following are some examples of previous related initiatives:

  • Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC)
  • Building Child Care
  • Constructing Connections / ABCD

Currently, the ECE sector faces a critical challenge related to ECE facilities and supply. For example, in the Bay Area, the exceptionally high-cost/low vacancy market, unstable ECE workforce, and an inadequate state reimbursement rate have created an unsustainable system. Many areas of the state are experiencing child care deserts. Still, others, such as Sonoma and Butte counties, are working to rebuild after devastating fires that have decreased their supply by hundreds of spaces.

California leaders are well aware of the significant issues impacting the ECE sector and caregivers and families in need of affordable and quality ECE. The Blue Ribbon Commission, sponsored by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, highlighted the significant need for a statewide collaborative that creates a learning community as we envision with Build Up CA. They recommend a place where ECE providers and partners can share “best practices and provide materials, technical assistance on facility planning, development and financing, and facility quality assessment and improvement.”

The Master Plan for Early Learning and Care: California for All Kids, released in 2020, also outlines the need to expand the supply of early learning and care facilities. Addressing the shortage of ECE facilities requires the collective contribution of all sectors in the state: government, business, and philanthropy. Without a comprehensive facilities strategy, other efforts to expand ECE will not reach its full potential.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board help inform the ongoing engagement and research efforts of Build Up CA, ensuring the work is responsive and relevant to practitioners and thought-leaders focused on improving the child care system.

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Our Partners

We partner with various organizations and individuals on elevating the importance of high-quality child care and early learning facilities.  As members of statewide and national coalitions such as the ECE Coalition and the National Children’s Facilities Network, we collaborate on community education and advocacy efforts to ensure that legislation and budgets reflect the investments and guidelines that benefit providers, children, and families.

The following are some of our partners:  

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