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Our Newsletters

December 2023

Join us for a Build Up best practices spotlight

As the year comes to a close, Build Up California wants to wish our community members a holiday season full of warmth, comfort and peace. This year we celebrated many accomplishments in advocacy, community building, learning, and direct service to our dedicated providers and families. In our January 2024 newsletter, we will share our Year in Review handout to highlight some of our favorite parts of the year and reflect on our hard work. Stay tuned!

November 2023

Join us for a Build Up best practices spotlight

Our next best practices spotlight will include opportunities to learn from Studio MLA about their design process and case studies  showcasing best practices in design of early care and education (ECE) facilities.

September 2023

Addressing the Child Care Fiscal Cliff

Build Up has been busy meeting with State Senators, Assemblymembers, and community leaders while legislators are in their home districts. On September 13, Governor Newsom signed budget bills SB 104 and 140, which include new funding from now through fiscal year 2024-25 to support community partners in enrolling families and new funding to support family child care providers and centers.

August 2023

Tell Congress to Support Child Care!

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) is urging our Nation’s leaders to invest $16B and prevent the impending child care crisis that threatens to destabilize families, slow down economic growth, and jeopardize our workforce. Your voices are needed to protect and prioritize child care and early learning.

July 2023

Celebrate ECE Wins & Sign-On to fund facilities!

Build Up California continues to push forward on our State Budget request for $10 million for facilities as we are committed to uplifting the significance of CDSS’ Infrastructure Grant Program. Add your name / organization to our growing list of support today!

June 2023

State Budget Update & Donate Today

This month, we are helping BlackECE with their goal to raise $19,000 as a part of their Juneteenth Campaign for Liberation. This campaign will keep their work on behalf of Black children, families, and child care educators moving forward. Donate today!

April 2023

Get ready for a Day Without Child Care!

On a “Day without Child Care” we pledge to put the spotlight on the true cost of care and demand the funding we need for a 21st century child care system. For generations, we have been fighting for equitable access to affordable child care and better pay and working conditions for providers, but our needs are still not being met. On May 8, we are taking action!

March 2023

Raise awareness about #EQUALPAYDAY

The #WageGap contributes to the long-term economic insecurity of women & families. By earning only 84 cents for every $1 a man makes, full time, year-round working women lose up to $400k over the course of their careers. This gap is unacceptable. We need #EqualPay now!  Tell Congress to support the #PaycheckFairnessAct and #EqualPay for equal work. 

February 2023

CA State Budget Update & Members Meeting

Last month Governor Newson released the 2023-24 Budget Proposal, kicking off the process of negotiations that will end in June with the approval of the budget final version and projecting a $22.5 billion shortfall. This year’s budget delays a planned $550 million investment in preschool, TK and full-day kindergarten facilities from 2023-24 to 2024-25.

January 2023

Staffing Updates & Grant Opportunity

In January, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) accepted applications for the Infrastructure Grant Program: New Construction and Major Renovation Grant (CDSS IGP-NCMR). It was open to center-based and home-based child care.