RIVCO ECE Center Typologies

Foundational Planning Guide for Incorporating Child Care in Affordable Housing Developments: ECE Center

Build UP Riverside County is excited to share an excellent resource to guide developers in foundational planning when considering co-locating early care and education (ECE) with housing. These ECE typologies provide a basic building footprint that can be used in the first submission to a planning dept. 


The guide identifies the essential elements needed, and layout options for different building’s specific functions. As long as the elements stay, you manipulate to fit differing situations. 


The ECE Center typologies are based on classroom templates that were specifically designed to fit into Riverside’s typical affordable building types. It is intended that developers and their architectswill use the guide to inform the ECE Center’s program, design, and siting. It also contains general planning department and licensingrequirements that are applicableto developers at this stage. The guide also contains extremely helpful and specificinformation, such as estimatednumberof staff and children based on size, interior and exterior square feet, plumbing and restroomlocation, etc.  


We are happy to make it available to any developer who is interested in or committed to building housing co-located with ECE. Please fill out the form below to receive a copy.

For any questions about this document, please contact Andrea Del Valle at [email protected].