Increasing Child Care Supply in Native Nations

First Children’s Finance and its partner, Indigenous Visioning, created the First Children First Nations Child Care Collaborative to address the shortages of culturally and linguistically relevant child care available in native nations.

FCFN is a systems-level intervention designed specifically for tribal communities and native nations. The purpose of our consultation is to guide communities in identifying the scope and size of their child care challenges, and to empower and support tribal communities to develop local solutions to address these challenges.

Interested tribal communities and native nations apply to participate, and if selected, form an Indigenous Core Team to partner with FCFN to lead local efforts. First Children’s Finance and Indigenous Visioning facilitate a discovery process that engages the entire community in the study of the current state of child care and the development of innovative ideas to increase the number of culturally relevant child care slots.

FCFN provides assistance to native nations seeking sustainable, community-based solutions to increasing the supply of child care. We are able to provide technical expertise regarding usage of CCDF funds to build supply, partnerships, financial modeling, and licensing innovations to overcome challenges face by tribal communities.

To learn more about the First Children First Nations Child Care Collaborative, contact Molly Sullivan, Director of National Initiatives. Please see flyer for more information.

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