Establishing Universal Access to Prekindergarten as a Constitutional Right

This report, brought to you by the Teachers College at Columbia University scans policy and legal precedents across the country to build the case for a right to pre-K as part of the constitutional guarantee of a free public education. Specifically, we recommend a broad rights-based initiative to establish universal access to pre-K for all three-and four-year-olds. We argue that an initiative could build the public will, resources, and continuing research to realize the full potential benefits of universal pre-K to individual children and to society at large.

This report was prepared by Michael A. Rebell and Jessica R. Wolff of the Center for Educational Equity (formerly the Campaign for Educational Equity), Teachers College, Columbia University, and Nancy Kolben and Betty Holcomb of the
Center for Children’s Initiatives. Published in December 2017.

To view the brief in full, click here.

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