Poll: New York City residents overwhelmingly support government investment in early childhood programs

The CCC has released a poll with the numbers of families suffering through the child care crisis in NYC.

The poll findings highlight the tremendous amount of stress and economic instability New York City families have experienced during the course of the pandemic, something that could be relieved if all families, especially those disproportionately impacted by economic hardship during the pandemic, had access to high-quality, affordable child care.

Notably, Black and Latinx parents and those from low-income households have weathered a disproportionate economic impact, with 61% of Black and Latinx parents reporting they have had trouble paying for basic expenses such as food, housing, and/or health care in the last year, compared to 48% of White parents. Among parents from low-income households, 76% of parents said they struggled to pay for basic expenses, compared to just 49% of parents from not low-income households.

Published on August 9, 2021

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