The Unaffordable Cost of Child Care Impedes Pandemic Recovery in New York City

The CCC (Citizens Committee for Children of New York) has released a brief that describes how the pandemic has vastly affected parents inability to afford child care for their children. “High-quality early care for infants and toddlers is essential to children’s healthy development and supports parental employment and the economic mobility of families. Access to this essential service, however, is limited by its cost. In a new CCC analysis examining child care cost burden and affordability, we found that high cost of child care in both center-based and home-based programs presents an enormous financial burden on families across income levels and New York City community districts.

The absence of affordable child care strains the ability of families with young children to maintain stable employment or re-enter the workforce. For this reason, ensuring access to infant and toddler care must be a priority in COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery efforts at every level of government. CCC is calling on federal, state, and local policymakers to take action to ensure that child care is accessible and affordable for families with young children in New York City.”

Resource was published December of 2020 by the Citizens Committee for Children of New York. To view the pdf, click here. To view the presentation slides from the webinar, click here.

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