Investing in Child Care Entrepreneurs

The Stanford Social Innovation Review has released an article that provides resources such as a business lab for women who want to start an early child care business but are hesitant to due to the lack of fiscal support from the businesses that don’t believe in child care investments. See an excerpt here-

During a listening tour of the seven Maine counties that border Canada, we learned that there are many people—predominantly women—with a passion for early childhood education, who would like to start a child care business but lack the acumen and confidence to get started. Child care is highly regulated, for good reason. In order to promote learning and development and keep children safe, states limit the ratio of children to adults; require extensive record-keeping and written policies; and have a variety of rules that change from state to state, in some cases mandating water tests and temperatures for freezers and refrigerators. Because that regulation can be an obstacle to entry, part of the solution is combining small business start-up education with child care business management and coaching.

For the full read, click here.

Published By Betsy Biemann & Keith Bisson on Sep. 30, 2021

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