Crawling Behind: America’s Child Care Crisis & How to Fix It with Elliot Haspel

The Early Link Podcast’s host Rafael Otto speaks with Elliot Haspel, an early childhood policy expert and author of the book “Crawling Behind: America’s Childcare Crisis and How to Fix It.” Excerpt below –

Elliot describes what the child care crisis looks like today and talks about what has (and has not) changed since his book was released in 2019. He discusses the impact of COVID-19 on an already fragile system and provides historical background on the constellation of issues facing a functioning child care system. 

To view Elliot’s book, click here.

Published by Rafael Otto on Jun 21, 2021

Source brought to you by the Children’s Institute. The Children’s Institute works to ensure that young children have the programs and services they need to nurture their love of learning and prepare them for success in school and beyond. 

Click here to access the podcast episode.

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