Including Family Child Care in State and City-funded Pre-K Systems: Opportunities and Challenges

The NIEER has released a report that addresses the current integration of Family Child Care (FCCs) in publicly-funded pre-K and the lack of data collected from FCCs in comparison to center-based child care. See excerpt below:

While program standards, quality and funding vary by state and sector, the extent to which home-based programs participate in state-funded pre-K has not been studied to the same degree as center-based programs. Inclusion of Family Child Care homes (FCCs) in publicly-funded pre-K may provide opportunities to address issues such as workforce capacity and equity, linguistic and cultural responsiveness, family choice, and scarcity of center-based providers.

Authored by GG Weisenfeld and Ellen Frede (NIEER staff)

To view the report in full, click here.

Source Cited – Weisenfeld, G., & Frede, E. (2021). Including family child care in state and city-funded pre-k system: Opportunities and challenges. National Institute for Early Education Research.

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