SBDCs Help Grow and Sustain Child Care Businesses

A few Small Business Development Centers (SBCDs) in California have chosen to deliver services to child care providers in their communities. Along the way, they have learned about the specific needs of providers, effective methods for meeting those needs, and how serving this industry furthers the goals of the local SBDC. Based on interviews conducted by the Building Child Care Collaborative, this informative paper documents the lessons learned by these trailblazing SBDCs in California.

The purpose of this paper:

  • To uncover best practices among SBDCs which provide services specific to the child care industry
  • To understand the challenges involved in serving child care providers
  • To learn about the structure and funding of the small business development center system
  • To prepare a strategy for training other small business development centers

To access the detailed PDF, click here.

About the org: Building Child Care was created as a collaboration of four partner organizations that combined their experience, resources, and expertise to build a clearinghouse of information and assistance related to child care facilities development in California. These organizations were:

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