Early Childhood Facilities: What Research Tells Us

LISC has provided a brief that delves into the child care sector and how the physical environment directly impacts the children and providers. See the excerpt below:

“Equitable access to early learning and care for all children depends on all families having choices of programs that are near their homes or work. Therefore, it is critical to understand what is known about the facilities that house these programs. Overall, the challenge is not only about having enough facilities, but also about renovating existing facilities, many of which are old and need extensive renovation and repairs. In high-quality early learning and care settings, the facility itself is considered the “third teacher,” providing learning opportunities, supporting children’s health and safety, and enhancing children’s well-being. High-quality facilities also support the state’s early learning and care workforce, who benefit from a healthy environment and appropriate design to facilitate children’s, teachers’, caregivers’, and family engagement activities.”

This source was authored by Karen Manship and Susan Muenchow, of American Institutes for Research with contributions from the LIIF community development financial institution.

To read the brief in full, click here.

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