Measuring and Comparing Multiple Dimensions of Early Care and Education Access

As the nation’s leading research organization, ChildTrends continues to enlighten the public with up to date research and data in regards to the vastly overlooked child care sector. They often provide ideas on how to improve the environment for children and providers alike. See excerpt below:

“Families across the United States face a variety of challenges securing early care and education (ECE) for their children. The supply and price of ECE programs in local areas tell part but not all the access story for families. To capture the complexity of ECE access from a family’s perspective, a recently developed definition of access to ECE addresses multiple dimensions of the ECE experience, including the effort families make to find ECE programs with available slots, the affordability of ECE, the extent to which the arrangement meets the needs of the parents, and the ways the arrangement supports children’s development.

Brief is authored by Katherine Paschall, Elizabeth Davis, Kathryn Tout

Source published on May 25, 2021

To read the brief in full, click here.

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